About Fight For 10

Fight Flight Attendant FatigueFlight Attendants are entrusted with the safety, health, and security of our passengers on a daily basis. Studies commissioned by Congress make it clear that more rest should be mandated for Flight Attendants to combat fatigue. Current federal regulation "rest" rules provide only 8 hours after a 14 hour day. But that "rest" time includes passenger deplaning, travel to and check in at our hotel, preparing for the next day, travel back to the airport, transiting security, crew briefing and safety checks, passenger boarding and finally the aircraft release from the gate. This likely means 4-5 hours of sleep before another long day, if all else goes well.

We are asking Congress to act on the scientific results of the fatigue studies and equalize rest with our flight deck counterparts - 10 hours minimum. The FAA Reauthorization Bill provides a means to fix this now by lifting the minimum rest standard to 10 and including a Fatigue Risk Management Plan, just like pilots, to help examine fatigue factors with real time evidence and information for crew members to help them avoid becoming fatigued.

Sign the petition to urge your Senators and Representative to fight Flight Attendant fatigue with rest and reporting.

How can you help?

  1. Join the Fight for 10
  2. Call your elected officials and urge them to provide rest provisions for flight attendants. The capitol switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.
  3. Visit our website at fightfor10.org to learn more about this issue and remain informed of the latest updates. Also, promote our 10 hour rest campaign on social media: #FightFor10
  4. Join #RingYourRepFriday, and do your follow up on a Wednesday.

Here's a sample script to use to call your member of Congress:

I'm calling to ask for my representative's support in aligning minimum rest with the pilots and including a fatigue risk management plan for Flight Attendants. Please let the Transport and Infrastructure Committee know that this must be included in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Thank you.

As a Flight Attendant, I am entrusted with the safety, health, and security of our passengers on a daily basis. As your constituent, I'm reaching out to bring attention to the issue of fatigue on board aircraft and how you can help us fix it.

Studies have been commissioned by Congress making it clear that more rest should be mandated for Flight Attendants, but the regulations remain paltry, and with the rules in place today, I could have a mere 8 hours of rest following a 14-hour duty day. Unfortunately, those 8 hours don't add up to 8 hours of sleep; we still have work to do as soon as the clock starts ticking before we can get some sleep.

I urge you to help us fix this problem—include provisions in the FAA Reauthorization Bill that call for an increased rest time of 10 hours to get Flight Attendants and pilots on the same page and keep our both the crews and passengers safe and happy. Thank you.